7 Questions to Ask an Inbound Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

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content marketing agency in Edmonton Alberta
We are a content marketing agency in Edmonton and we are obsessive about helping companies transform not only their marketing approach, but also their sales process. We help our clients achieve true value from their marketing efforts.

We want to help you receive a true return on investment from your marketing activities.

We want to show you how partnering with a strategic inbound marketing and sales agency fuels the kind of remarkable stories that get your business found, generate an abundance of qualified leads, and impact your bottom line.

Join our clients on the journey to reach more leads.

We are a unique content marketing agency in Edmonton

In 2014, Flawless Inbound was founded on one simple principle: marketing methodology should not just focus on the B2B versus B2C concept. While we are a content marketing agency in Edmonton, Alberta, at the end of the day we are all marketing to other humans like yourselves, and your marketing should focus on the B2H model.

We are not your traditional marketing agency. We came from the business consulting side of the industry, and we have been monitoring marketing activities for our clients for the last five years. We heard their frustration around gaining true value from their marketing activities. We found out that traditional online marketing activities do not generate real meaningful revenue anymore.We don’t help you with advertising, direct mail or cold-calling programs. Your prospects don’t watch commercials, they don’t read their mail, and they don’t answer their phones. We also do not believe in interruption marketing; we believe in attract marketing, which is where Inbound marketing was born.Your marketing and sales strategies need to match real-world buyer behaviour. That means being found when prospects search for your products or services. That means creating a remarkable experience (online and off-line) and nurturing prospects with valuable, educational content during their personal buyer journey.

In an effort to reinforce our methodology and drive more leads for our clients, we became a HubSpot partner. Flawless Inbound has also entrenched itself as a leader in the inbound marketing community in Canada.

Since 2014, Flawless Inbound has helped numerous businesses to implement inbound marketing and sales programs that generate true revenue.

Every client is a referral

The idea of merely meeting deadlines and lead projections makes us cringe. We want you to become a raving fan of both our work and your experience working with us.
We want to leave you: Ecstatic about the number of qualified leads. Marveling at your social media metrics. Energized by your compelling new website.


How do you feel about fast talk and empty promises? You hate it too? Truth be told, your prospects want a humanizing experience just like you do – straight talk that’s educational and empathetic.
We avoid getting stuck in the vague gooeyness of “fluff” and engage your prospects in a conversation at each step of the buyer’s journey.

Be Unique and stay Unique

You know what doesn’t drive an abundance of leads? More of the same old marketing. The only kind of marketing campaign we create is the one centered on making you remarkable. Every strategy and every tactic is crafted around what makes you stand apart from your competitors.

Coaching not Forcing

Inbound marketing isn’t taught in a one-off lesson. It’s a continually evolving science. We’re always discovering new layers in inbound marketing and inbound sales that drive more leads, more efficiently.
What we learn we teach to you, and to help us drive your success, you teach us about your business.

Practice What We Preach

Every single strategy and tactic we recommend is tested through our own marketing efforts first to ensure the merit of the recommendation.
Every facet of your inbound marketing campaign has been tested, scrutinized, adapted and honed to drive leads and deliver optimal result.

Team Work

We put a lot of energy into creating a tight-knit family of inbound marketers. Whether it’s celebratory outings or the daily presence of our furry, tail-wagging family members, Flawless inbound  is a community of belonging. The same goes for our clients: Our partnerships are based on support, responsiveness and respect.

7 Questions to Ask an Inbound Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

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