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Speaker Series

“The Modern Buyer:

How B2B Organizations should Align to the Buyer’s Journey”

Date: June 23rd, 2016
Time: 10:30AM MST
Duration: 1 hour

Join Flawless Inbound’s Saher Ghattas and Annalisa Specter from HubSpot to learn how the modern buyer has changed the sales game with their ability the tune out interruptions, find their own information and purchase products on their own terms. During this webinar, Saher Ghattas and Annalisa Specter will share how Flawless Inbound has adapted their marketing practices to account for the modern buyer and how salespeople can connect with more buyers and close more deals by doing the same.

After this webinar you will understand:

Saher Ghattas and Annalisa Specter will share 4 actionable steps you can take to reach, work, and close the modern buyer in order to increase your bottom line — through increasing lead conversion in the B2B sales process by syncing your internal sales processes with the modern buying process.

 This business-to-business marketing webinar would be valuable for Marketing Managers/Directors, Senior Sales Representatives, and hands-on CEOs.


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