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The CoVid-19 Crises - How HubSpot Can Help

There’s always a silver lining on the horizon of every crisis. For us right now, it’s the amount of support we see coming in from all sides – especially B2B. We see many of our clients and corporations across the continent and the entire globe reaching out with helping hands. Now, that’s the spirit we live for! 

As a Platinum Solutions Partner, we are especially pleased to see that our friends at HubSpot have decided to offer their platform at a significantly reduced rate – and partially for free – to help businesses weather the storm. HubSpot is a digital Sales, Marketing, and Services enablement tool that brings all your client-facing operations under one hat. 

The recent offer is extremely valuable for good reasons: due to communal efforts of containing the spread of CoVid and the ensuing need for social distancing and other measures, in-person sales and marketing are factually at a halt. Most businesses will have to say goodbye to ye olden ways and move into online and digital. A.s.a.p. 

Free tools:

HubSpot is providing customers a bunch of applications at no cost to make your home office, sales ops, and communication easierHubSpot’s Meetings functionality, Quotes, E-Sign, and 1:1 Video creation tools are now available for free to all customers, for 90 days from activation.  

Limitless service

HubSpot has removed limitations to marketing emails for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers. Those with a Starter or Professional package get increased 2,000 minutes/month for calls.

Lower package rates:

If you were considering getting into HubSpot, now is the time to do it. The Starter Growth Suite come at 50 USD (instead of 112.50 USD) for 12 months. This offer will include existing clients. 

Our Contribution 

We want to pull our weight and make our years of experience in change management and strategic business enablement count – that’s what leadership means for usWe are offering a special COVID-19 Sales & Marketing Lite Program™ for businesses who need help with the transition and setup of HubSpot. 

Get In Touch 

The changes will roll out over the next weeks, so get ready for some additional HubSpot quality time. HubSpot’s announcement is great news for existing clients, but especially for SMBs who are struggling with implementing an online presence and don’t have a CRM yet. If you're currently using HubSpot and wondering how to take advantage of these tools (or the system as a whole) get in touch with us using the form below and we'll be happy to help!

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