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The choice is yours: focus on Sales, Marketing & Services or ERP Solutions.

A Double Double, please!

Our New Year's resolution for 2021 is to bring more value to the professional community. At the end of each month, you get to choose between two workshops on the menu: one in the morning (NetSuite-driven), one in the afternoon (dedicated to HubSpot Sales, Marketing  & Services). 

Every month, you get to learn more about Digital Transformation, Lead Generation, Business Processes Automation, etc. Both workshops are happening on the last Thursday of each month. You can get more information and register via the links below.

The 7 Benefits of Hybrid Commerce in Manufacturing and Industrial Distribution

Hybrid commerce is a way for manufacturers to experiment with new products and distribution channels without risking a significant investment. Learn more about why Hybrid Commerce is a crucial strategic step for your business success and what platforms you can leverage to achieve your selling goals!

Feb 25, 2021 | 10-11am MT

The Enterprise CRM Features for B2B Sales Success

In this workshop, we’ll look at the key features you should consider before making a CRM decision. Maks and Saher will cover Enterprise CRM features in HubSpot and explain how to get the best value of your CRM, boost your sales, and understand the Total Cost of Ownership.

Get the most out of your Sales & Marketing efforts!

Feb 25, 2021 | 1-2pm MT

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