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Business Enablement & Digital Transformation for the Manufacturing Industry

When it comes to Sales, Marketing, and Services Enablement for Manufacturing, you need expert partners to get the job done right. The good news: You've found them.

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Off to A Good Start: Your Manufacturing Playbook 

Here’s what we do and how we make things happen in a nutshell: we deliver top notch solutions for Business Enablement and Digital Transformation to Manufacturing businesses across North America. Because we know that there's no one-size-fits-all, we've compiled a playbook that specifically caters to your needs. Discover what we can do to get your products the attention they deserve.

Eliminating the Obstacles to B2B Success

Your business is to make the best and most innovative products in the manufacturing industry and meet the rising demands of the modern market place. With our full Business Enablement and Digital Transformation strategy, your products will get the attention they deserve. 

These are the milestones on the way to the next success level:

Developing a custom, growth centred Sales and Marketing strategy

Focusing on Revenue Driven Marketing

Equipping you with a brand-new high conversion website

Implementing Your Sales Enablement Playbook

Implementing a Full Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

The Breakthrough Club

As Business Enablement Specialists, we are always looking for ways to connect more deeply with the people in the industry. To that end, we’ve created the Breakthrough Club – a platform to connect with others, learn from others, and help you become a better leader. 

Our Enablement Plan for Manufacturing Explained

Now that you know the basics of our manufacturing specific Sales and Marketing solutions, let’s take a closer look at the details of each step of the journey.

Growth-centered Sales and Marketing strategy 

At Flawless Inbound, we understand the special requirements of the Manufacturing industry – from marketing to retailer dependencies to digital trade shows and industry-specific sales playbooks. We give you an efficient, adaptive strategy that goes above and beyond to meet your needs.

From the very beginning, our onboarding process takes your unique business position into account and builds a strategy around your revenue goals. During this stage, we evaluate your existing marketing assets and determine the best channels to reach retailers and resellers in your industry.

Revenue Driven Marketing for Manufacturing

In the second step, the goal is to optimize your strategic relations with existing and potential future retailers and resellers. We help you strengthen your network and increase your digital visibility. From planning to implementation and optimization, we tailor a unique marketing campaign to your business and run it on the perfect combination of channels (websites, social media, print, video, …) that work for you.

Our team consists of experts in HubSpot Growth Suite, LinkedIn Sales, Navigator, bombora, DiscoverOrg/Zoominfo, content development, web design, and more. We have the experience and strategic acumen needed to make your work stand out and rise above the noise. As part of our service, we’ll train you and your team on how to use the new assets.

Modern High-conversion Websites for Manufacturing

A modern website makes sure that your manufacturing business will be found by the right people. With many trade shows canceled or postponed, a strong online presence is your best way to get the word out about your latest innovations, product portfolio, and news.

On the backend, your website integrates seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), e-commerce solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning modules (ERP), and more. We help you grow your brand's reputation as a thought leader in the industry and acquire “must win” accounts.

Professional SEO and custom content give you a boost on the most popular search engines and keep users engaged with clear stories and useful information. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) workflows and automation give your Sales team time to focus on selling instead of admin work. The latest in conversational marketing assets (chatbots & live chat) ensures around the clock customer support so your Sales and Service teams never miss a beat.

Sales Enablement Playbook for Manufacturing

The way we sell is changing for good. Instead of physical sales events and tradeshows as the most important networking channels in manufacturing, the world of selling is moving online.

Flawless Inbound has been working with numerous manufacturing businesses for many years to establish, transform, and rebuild their Sales processes and meet the expectations of a new generation of buyers and retailers. 

We help you and your Sales team shape a new framework that matches the culture of your organization so you can effectively increase your win ratio, up your frequency of landing no-bid contracts, have qualified leads reach out to you, and help you meet KPIs (key performance indicators).  

ERP Solutions – From Shop Floor to Top Floor

Having and maintaining full control over storage capacities, global supply chains, finances & administration, order management, and internal processes is essential to the manufacturing industry to stay competitive. We help you build and implement a fully functional cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution – powered by the best in business: Oracle NetSuite.

  • Procurement: without the right items in the right place at the right time, production can't continue as planned and your profit margin decreases by the minute. ERP makes sure you achieve the right balance between supplier times and internal timelines – from receiving of raw materials to shipping & distribution.
  • Supply Chain Management: ERP enables you to cut unnecessary costs and efficiently manage complex networks of global suppliers,  maximising revenue margins and ensuring consistency in production output.
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management: optimising storage capacities, staying on top of BOM, streamlining production processes, and more in one central location? Oracle NetSuite makes it a reality.

You're the best in your business. We're the best in ours.

Did you know that the root of the word manufacturing goes back to Latin for "hand crafted?" We believe that the same diligence and skill that goes into any manufactured product applies to our digital business strategies. Our mission is to let your business shine and get word to the right people.

Talk to us today and let us bring your vision for your company to life.

Simalex Manufacturing

"They have gone over and above to understand our business and our process to then help us craft our message to our customers. We look forward to a continued partnership with Flawless Inbound."

~ Patrick Whelan, Simalex Manufacturing

Levven Electronics

"We engaged them to solve a challenge we had in quick customer support and tracking and they worked with our team to develop a practical and useable workflow through HubSpot Service module that was aligned to how we do business."

~James Keirstead, Levven Electronics Ltd.

Rohit Group of Companies

"We are working with Flawless for Sales Enablement and Marketing Hub implementation & optimization. We are very impressed by their expertise not only in HubSpot but understanding of Inbound sales and marketing as a whole."

~Deepak Verma, Rohit Group Of Companies

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