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HubSpot Projects

Did you know that Flawless Inbound is Canada's first HubSpot Partner Agency to hold an Advanced Implementation Certification? Plus we've worked with 90+ B2B organizations in North America and we've used HubSpot for all of them (seriously. all of them). What does that mean for you? Well that means when you choose us to complete your HubSpot Sales, Marketing, or Services enablement project, you're choosing Canada's most qualified partner agency. And what better choice could there be? Check out all our options for HubSpot projects (and their pricing) below.
Sales Enablement
The Basics:
HubSpot Sales Enablement involves the build, optimization, and training your HubSpot CRM. From pipelines, to sequences, to deal properties and more.
Marketing Enablement
The Basics:
HubSpot Marketing Enablement involves the full set-up and optimization of your marketing portal. From emails, to landing pages, to workflows, more.
Services Enablement
The Basics:
The HubSpot Services Enablement project involves the build, optmization, and training on your customer service portal. From NPS, to ticketing, to live chat, and more.
HubSpot Suite Enablement
The Basics:
The HubSpot Suite Enablement Project involves the full build and optmization of your 3 HubSpot portals. Also available as any combination of 2 portals.

HubSpot Marketing Enablement

Everything you need to build and optimize a successful HubSpot marketing portal.

To Get Started

  • Marketing Audit: a comprehensive audit of your previous marketing strategy and materials.
  • Market Analysis: an overview of your organization and industry's competitive market.
  • Strategy: a plan for how we'll build and format your marketing portal for function best for your team.

To Create Your Portal

  • Portal Build: building out all of the tools in your portal including workflows, emails, forms, page templates, a blog, and more.
  • Portal Optimization: optimizing all of the tools and notifications to best suit your marketing process.
  • Portal Testing: reviewing (with your feedback) and testing to ensure all systems are in working order

To Hand You the Controls

  • Marketing Portal Training: comprehensive training for your marketing team on how to use the portal's tools.
  • Training Resources: you'll be provided with training resources like recordings.

Your Flawless Team

When you choose one of our programs, you get a top-teir team of marketing, sales, and HubSpot experts working for you every day. Here's all the team members you'll be working with:

Account Manager

Content Strategist

Marketing/Sales Technology Team

Website and Graphic Designer/Developer

Client Director

Growth Strategist

Awesome Additions

Want to customize one of the packages? Just let us know if you’d like to add any of these onto a package that doesn’t otherwise include them.

*Note that some of the add-ons are included in certain packages

  • ABM Campaign
  • Website
  • HubSpot CRM Build/Implementation
  • Logo Creation and Brand Guidelines
  • CMS Migration
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Full Social Media Strategy Development/Training
  • Traditional Print Marketing Design (plus Printing Services Partner)
  • HubSpot Services Hub Enablement

Let's Get Things Going

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