Sales Training Program

Train Better Reps. Close Better Deals.

The world of B2B sales is constantly changing. Your sales team needs to be prepared to meet and adapt to all new challenges as they arise if you want to continue to close bigger, better contracts. That's where we come in. Our extensive 3-Day Sales Training Program will give your team all the skills and knowledge they need to evolve into a modern sales force.

About the 3-Day Personalized Training Program

What is the sales training program you might ask? It's a 3-day personalized training for sales teams in any B2B organization. But what do we mean by personalized? Well, our training program isn't just generic. We take the time to learn your business and your current processes so that we can provide the most precise consultation and strategies possible. Who's leading the training? You'll work directly with Flawless founder Saher Ghattas and our Inbound Consulting team for the entire 3-day program (see more on the specifics below).  Plus it includes 3 bonus hours of additional consulting, to be used at your convenience, after the program is complete.

What's Included? 

Here is a detailed schedule of what is included in our Sales Training Workshop, on a day-by-by basis:

Day 1 - Seven Hours

  1. Introduction and Expectations (30 minutes)
  2. The New Decision Maker's Journey to Procurement Services (60 minutes )
  3. LinkedIn Selling Introduction (60 minutes)
  4. Email Selling Introduction (60 minutes)
  5. Review of Existing Sales Process [Three rounds]  (60 minutes )
  6. Prospecting Cadence (90 minutes)
  7. Closing and Takeaways (60 minutes)

Day 2 - Seven Hours

  1. Review Last Session Activities  (30 minutes)
  2. The GPS Framework with 3 Examples (60 minutes )
  3. The Kubler-Ross Cycle with 3 Examples (60 minutes)
  4. The Hero's Journey Model as an Enterprise Sales Framework (60 minutes)
  5. Roleplay of the Multi-Swim Lane Model (60 minutes )
  6. Customer Selection Tool (90 minutes)
  7. Closing and Takeaways (60 minutes)

Day 3 - Seven Hours

  1. Review Last Session Activities (30 minutes)
  2. Moving from Trusted Advisor Status to Strategic Ally Status in 6 Steps (60 minutes )
  3. Reviewing Existing Sales Processes (60 minutes)
  4. The New Era of Sales Process Ingredients - Different Sales Frameworks  (60 minutes)
  5. Sales and Marketing Alignment (60 minutes )
  6. Account-Based Marketing Introduction (90 minutes)
  7. Closing and Final Takeaways (60 minutes)

Post-Three Days- Training Sales - Three hours

  • (3 times, 1 hour each)
  • Discussing a Deal, Sales Process, and/or Objection Handling
  • Sharing New Tactics Each Month
  • Joining our new Online Membership (coming soon)

Total Training house (21+ hours of training)


Ready to get started with sales training for your team? Use the form here to reach out to our team about the program and we'll get back you right away.