Flawless Team

Saher G.


My focus is on providing in-depth strategy on Sales & Marketing to B2B companies with sophisticated and niche products and services. Over 20 years I’ve worked with organizations from $3M-$25M, providing strategy and leadership guidelines at the C-suite and Director level across industries from manufacturing to technology, VAR/MSP and SaaS, to engineering, financial services, and telecommunications.

I speak frequently on B2B Sales & Marketing strategy at industry associations, economic development groups such as BCTech, TEC-Alberta, ATBX, ChannelNext, Cisco and Microsoft. I was also part of the Forbes Agency council, and have been featured in Edmonton Business magazine, and short listed for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for 2019. I wrote down my experiences helping 80+ organizations into a book, Journey to the Summit: Why Some B2B Organizations Can Achieve Exponential Growth While Others are Still Struggling, a deep dive no-fluff blueprint for any B2B organization who is series about their growth in the next 12-18 months.

Liliane Y.


Knowledge is very important to me. I need to know the how and why of everything — so I’m always looking things up on Google. I love being creative and having the chance to improve on internal processes, drive up our operational efficiency, and help grow the team.

I'm an entrepreneur by nature. In my role as COO, I specialize in financial planning and business administration and development.

Patricia C.

Client Director

I love people, personalities and problem-solving! My role as Client Director combines all my skills as I work closely with the Delivery Team, the Growth Architect and our Sales Team to ensure we are bringing the highest results that continually delight our clients. Also, as part of the leadership team, it is my passion to help Flawless Inbound grow in the future with the perfect fit of staff, culture and processes. I have an extensive 30-year background in project management, client service, inbound marketing, team development and training, campaign strategy, business development, social media and ABM campaigns.

Erika J.

Growth Strategist

I love the opportunity to be creative and think outside of the box with every project. Working with clients in a variety of different industries with a variety of different challenges means I get to learn something new practically every day Í which means my days are never boring.

I'm a strategic yet creative thinker which means I can integrate strategy, content, design, and technology together to create marketing plans that transform and grow customers' businesses.

Tanya B.

Operation Manager

I am good a digging to find solutions to challenges - there is always a way to fix it! I am a diplomatic leader able to inspire teams and partners. I like systems and figuring out (and improving on) the best process to use. I have the ability to think analytically, communicate effectively, and execute efficiently.

I enjoy mentoring people and seeing them improve in their roles and become more confident with their knowledge base. I like seeing the company succeed and reach its goals and know I had an impact on it. Seeing how happy we can make clients when our work is a part of their success.

Fun Fact! I am an avid reader and always have at least one book on the go. I play tennis and golf (I'm not that good, but I have a ton of fun). I have celiac disease and am always on the lookout for good gluten-free food.

Kulbir T.

Senior Marketing Technologist

I love to take the initiative, work proactively, and get things done! What things? Everything from Market Research and Analysis to Marketing Strategic Planning, SEO to Project Analysis, Planning, Coordination, Execution & Client Reporting. Paid Marketing, Email Marketing and all things HubSpot.

Gagan V.

CRM and HubSpot Implementation Specialist

What am I good at? Salesforce Admin and Developer, which includes Data Management, Security Access, Data Modeling and Process Automation.

I love challenges in every day and trying to figure out how I am going to get more and grow more with that. I think it is good to have flexible timings at your workplace, but the most important is a supportive team, and I am blessed with that which motivates me to work.

Fun Fact! One thing on my bucket list is to try every restaurant and food. So, every weekend I go out with my friends and explore new places.

Jian Le T.

Marketing Technologist
My job is centred around the technology stack of marketing in all its facets – I help businesses optimize their digital workflows and SEO strategies so that they can reach the right audiences. I'm passionate about Marketing Technology because it's a powerful tool. I love the challenge of mastering different technologies to gain new insights and scale up businesses.

Fun factI have a love hate relationship with folding origami. Think twice before getting into it as a hobby – if people think video games are addictive, this is next level!

Chetandeep S.

Marketing Technologist

Every day is a new opportunity. And, in my line of work, it’s exciting and rewarding to see how applying your technical expertise builds the client's reputation and success.

How? By implementing integrated marketing analytics solutions with a practical balance of business strategy, storytelling and data-driven campaign building. My specialty is simplifying complex SEO strategies into measurable efforts with HubSpot and deliver results. Together we can fill Google with your brand story and make a difference for your business.

Katerina M.

Content Strategist / Technical Writer

I love putting ideas, memories, and experiences into words. It sometimes takes me hours to find the best fitting verb or adjective, but I believe that clear communication depends on details.

Antoine T.

Senior Graphic Designer & Web Developer

What I love is creative freedom! I like to think hard and out of the box for my concepts. My job can sometimes be challenging, but I like to think that it pushes me to better myself every day.

As the resident web designer and developer, I’ve mastered many programming languages and know the ins and outs of WordPress and HubSpot development.

Konn L.

Graphic & Web Designer/Developer

I started working in the design industry in 2010, and with Flawless Inbound since 2014. I’ve been involved in projects focusing on logo and print design, website design and development, user experience and animation. I gained my skills base through the Digital Media Production program at the Edmonton Digital Arts College. Afterwards, I became a core instructor at the school for a couple of years before branching off into working with other companies to broaden my skills.

Andrew W.

Software Developer

My focus at Flawless Inbound is to design and implement software solutions for the company and our clients. As a full stack developer, I work with many languages and tools to develop both frontend and backend software. I love the creative process of problem solving. There are seemingly infinite ways of achieving software goals getting to design solutions is a fun and exciting experience! There is nothing more rewarding than that “Aha!” moment after achieving a hard-fought goal.

Fun fact: I recently moved to Vancouver Island. I couldn’t think of a better place to live than between the mountains and the ocean. So much to hike, so little time!

Colin I.

Senior Project Manager

I have almost 15 years of project and program management work experience that spans varying fields such as finance and investment, advertising, government, software development and cybersecurity. This has been termed “my superpower” as I am able to analyze issues, situations, or ideas from a multilayered lens to proffer out-of-the-box or innovative responses. As an Innovation Engineering Blue Belt, PRINCE 2 Practitioner, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Certified Scrum Master, and IBM Design Thinking practitioner, I have not yet met a project that did not challenge or intrigue me.

I love how no two projects are the same. The process of figuring out the scope, designing a plan and ultimately working with my team to make an idea or suggestion into a fully functional project never gets old for me.

Fun Fact! A fun but weird thing about myself is that I love watching reaction videos.

Diana M.

Account Manager

Here's what makes me want to come to work every day: hands-on HubSpot experience, campaign planning, paid ads, lead nurturing, inbound marketing, strategizing and Client Management. I am passionate about digital marketing, helping clients reach their marketing goals and working in collaboration with my wonderful team.

The best fun fact about me is that I have double-jointed shoulders!

Yuvraj V.

Project Manager

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen" - John Wooden I specialize in organizing multiple tasks required to accomplish the projects. I take strong pride in my Client relationship management skill which I believe is the most vital element to make any project a huge success (The Flawless Inbound Way).

The opportunity to help others; Ability to make a difference; Everyday learning something new from my teammates. These are the couple of reasons which explains why I love what I do.

Fun Fact! I love working out, chai tea lattes, exploring different spots, and finance.

Neil G.

Solutions Architect

I love being able to understand the goals and objectives of our customers and how we can utilize technology and our platforms to help them achieve those goals. I take every chance to learn more about technology and how customers can adopt and integrate it into their environment to reach their business goals, and the ability to constantly learn more about new and evolving technologies. What compels me to work in my field is being able to tie technology with technical and non-technical resources that have a common goal. I enjoy coming to work every day because it is never the same, and there is always the opportunity to learn more.

Fun Fact! I've played a variety of sports and try to expose myself to a lot of experiences as I am a strong believer that that helps build character and personality in a positive fashion and provides many lifelong personality traits, having been a part of a variety of positive experiences.

John R.

Inbound Marketing Consultant

The things I like most is the empathy I feel towards business owners who have poured their heart and soul into their businesses. What compels me to come to work in this field is the opportunity to advise and guide businesses so that they make smart investments in marketing in order to achieve their growth goals.

I enjoy coming to work every day because it allows me to integrous, make an impact for businesses and build genuine relationships through lending my expertise to develop B2B inbound marketing and sales strategy.

Ali T.

Inbound Marketing Consultant

I assist organizations connect their sales and marketing prowesses with our consulting expertise. I want to ensure organizations are driving more net new business by implementing the right kinds of inbound activities.

I love meeting and connecting with new people and providing value to businesses in efforts to help them improve and do things better. Fun Fact! I speak 11 languages.

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